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Now he is an acting Inquisitor!
Currently hiding in the Guardsmen's barracks to avoid getting everyone blammed for heresy.
Officially a member of the Ordos Xenos, he runs a space faring Inquisitorial school and constantly sends Interrogators from all branches out to earn their rosettes.
Fio the Tau edit An Earth caste engineer the party rescued from a messy situation involving necrons, an Eldar warlock and lots and lots of heretek.Also panicking Doc as he tries to figure out how the hell to keep half a space marine alive.The really bad news is they are all locked in the laundry room, Nubby becomes an Arbite, and they get a new mission from the boss that involves staying arrested.Nice parking job, asshat.You can get more chips following the in-game ads.Has somehow aquired prime live casino an extremely competent batman the squad calls Alfred, who is pretty much irreplaceable for the smooth running of Rupert's life and is likely the real reason Rupert was recruited to the Inquisition.Unique features: Play casual Texas Holdem medeltida slott i finland Poker, enjoy competitive tournaments, win up to 3 Million Chips Daily.Everyone getoggin squiggin Approved Codex Astartes method of dealing with Surprise Daemons.Also an unlicensed psyker with bullshit luck powers that make him always win, unless negated somehow (Does this make him a rapist when he "gets lucky"?).Is dating Doc, and tolerating his idiot squadmates.Inquisitor Oak Inquisitor Sciscitat Inquisitor Bane Old Bosses Now in Model Format!
Also a Discworld name reference.Smarter, akamon slots cheat engine precision betting controls are built with your fingertips in mind, assuring a smooth, enjoyable poker experience.Aimy edit Full name: Amelia Delorisista Amanita Trigestrata Zeldana Malifee von Humpeding.Has a hard time sleeping in any location which hasn't been wired with a good portion of said explosives, which is a primary reason why navigating the AGP's current base of operations usually involves a long list of places to not go and things not.A big heavy weapons expert with a penchant for laziness.Think Sergeant Merrick from DoW, or Sgt Redford from Bad Company.Disconnect after playing for few minutes and have to restart.Has seen some shit and laughs a little too much.

Was unlucky and died by shot to the head.
A CQC monster, but can't hit the broad side of a space barn with anything ranged and has a very loose grasp of tactics.
The straight man and a born cynic.