Aoe 2 race bonuses

aoe 2 race bonuses

Chinese Edit The Chinese Wonder The Chinese are an East Asian civilization in Age of Empires.
Indian armies historically depended on elephants, so to depict this, they have the euro lotto arvonta Elephant Archer as a unique unit.
They held most of Asia Minor, modern Iraq, modern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, parts of India, parts of Burma, all of China, and parts of Vietnam.
They were famous for their bloody and ardent faith, with their Relics generating extra gold and their Monks receiving extra HP per each Monastery technology researched, allowing their Monks to join other soldiers on the battlefield.Of course, their obvious trump card is the Huskarl, one of the best units in the game, period.As raiders, Gothic infantry get extra attack bonus against buildings.Traditionally, champs and halbs are countered easily by archers and arrow defenses, but Huskarls not only have insane pierce armor, but have bonus damage against archers and towers.They focus on navy and gunpowder units.Wait, don't say 'but weak defenses?'.Finally, to keep in touch with their defensive theme, their towers are automatically upgraded.Situated in the crossroads of the world, they were most notable for initiating the rise of Islam and starting the Arab conquests.Their Imperial Age unique technology, Atheism, is a representation of that concept, forcing Wonder and Relic victories to take longer and reducing the cost of the Spies / Treason technology.They focus on archers and ships.
I want these two civs nerfed.
Contents show, the Age of Kings, edit, britons.The Ethiopians were known to be mercenaries for fast deployments to other kingdoms (particularly Egypt) and were known to be very fierce in battle, but underequipped.They were best known for their rivalry with the Roman Empire and gradual adoption of Islam following the Arab invasions.West Africa and the Sahel have sparse vegetation, with few trees.Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics available.The Japanese are an infantry-based civilization, with their infantry possessing the fastest attack speed in the game.Consequently, their team bonus increases the range of Scorpions.But what good is a leak when the Goth Floodgates are already open.They have been a non-protagonist country in Europe for around two or three centuries.Towers would still be taken out by the Goth main infantry line or huskarls with enough persistence (Goth bonus attack vs buildings Arson!) without the specific bonus damage.

Historically, the Huns were a civilization with no discernible origin besides the steppes of Central Asia that was most active in Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages.