Ash tells poker night 2

ash tells poker night 2

Sam also lets out a creepy one on occasion, and then will claim it's because he's remembering Max's "joke about sucking chest wounds" before folding.
Just like I did with your momma last night.
But they're no longer necessary.With xiii revealing he was a hero all along, the trope gets subverted.Intercontinuity Crossover : Aside from being one, the game also mocks Ash's tendency to end up in these even joking that there were going to be Evil Dead crossovers with James Bond and Degrassi.He teams up with Ash Crimson for a time, but later joins Elisabeth Blanctorche's team, along with Benimaru Nikaido, after noticing that Ash was manipulating his teammates.Kamehame Hadoken : His Chou Shou Nami LDM.Just check out Big Fall Griffon.Everyone Has Standards : Ash and Brock have a huge body count for deaths, and are not often the friendliest of guys, but the minute Claptrap starts insulting Sam, they jump to his defense stating that Sam has saved the world from so many threats.Ahem, violently he was dragged through Magaki's portal, but he's apparently alive enough to exact revenge on him.Badass Back : Frequently seen in his moveset, particularly during/after his DMs.Though in pinyin, his name is actually meant to be "Shen Wu".
Unwitting Instigator of Doom : Despite him and Duo Lon paf pokeri lataa having suspicions about Ash's true agenda, Shen sticks around, eager to face new opponents, an experience that could be attained if he stayed with Ash.
To reiterate, upon discovering her plans for the ritual grounds built underneath Rose Stadium, he's put at unease, partially due to what they're being used for, but mainly because she would've have told him before even deciding to act.
Only the fight itself matters.Of course, Brock is on thin ice with the Inventory management due to his hair-trigger temper getting the better of him.What is this, soccer?He's completely helpless when trapped in the corner.There's a subversion here, as Shen Woo might not have even played a role in the depowering of Chizuru and Iori.

Inn Between the Worlds : The Inventory itself.