Best in slot berserker gear

This page primarily focuses on acquisition of bonus finance level 80 F exotic equipment; higher rarity equipment is listed.
See the Dungeons section for more details.
Ascended weapons and armor may be crafted, acquired from certain achievements such.Spellbow (SPB) Requirements: ARC 30 ACN 15 Core skills what makes the SPB a Spellbow?Rings and back items can be further upgraded into infused or attuned equipment which has additional infusion slots.Jewels are used as upgrade components in trinkets; however, trinkets you buy or craft always have a jewel already slotted.(Also changes animations of each skill).Most of these recipes provide attribute combinations that are otherwise unavailable from jeweler recipes.The best known runes are those whose names begin with "Superior which are F Exotic quality and level requirement.Due to their unique nature, they are covered on their own page ; refer to pages on individual sigils for acquisition instructions.Must be 5 yards away to use.Do you remember any tanky martial fighter from other FFs?
Now, the Berserker can use this emnity as a damage source as well.
The only exception is Carrion, which is available as Chrysocola jewelry.
Note that items acquired by crafting, the mystic forge, or as loot are generally not bound until equipped, and therefore can also be purchased from other players on the Trading Post.Attribute bonuses granted by equipment fall into certain patterns.Loot edit A variety of items can be obtained from defeating monsters and opening chests.So heres our weekly tracker: Plain Text Already Known Italicized Our Speculation Bold To be revealed next week!Legend: These items can be acquired by crafting.Bondfracture Increase DoT damage taken by target by 20 for 15 seconds.Rush, jumps to a target enemy and taunts them.Follow us on Facebook for more ffxiv updates!See the Other Merchants section for more details.Ring of Red Death and Crystalline Band Guild Commendations - can be used to purchase ascended accessories with the same attribute combinations as the fractal rings.

Each piece costs 42,000.
Like the fractal rings, these accessories are unique, but two of each available attribute combination exist.
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