Best in slot relics affliction warlock

Example: you have 0 haste and 10 mastery, that means your dot damage is increased by 10 on top of its base damage.
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Other specs like survival hunter are so terrible that there aren't enough parses to analyze the legendaries.
So make sure to pre-pot joni liimatta pokeri haasyayyelu at around 2 and then start casting a haunt, once the haunt is finishing casting the boss will probably take aggro from the tank and you want to apply your dots with soulburn and soul swap (applying all 3 dots).It let you be able to track cooldowns and even better: internal cooldowns!Comments on Affliction Warlocks Feel free to have your say on how to play an Affliction Warlock in a PVE setting by commenting below.(yes a lot of re-dotting in the first 10 seconds of the fight) but that means your dots are now running at full potential, maybe even doing 200 damage of what they used to do if you didnt do all of it!But that's all false information/hope affliction is actually working pretty fine, or even better!(your strong dots are going to start strong during the whole fight which makes long lasting aoe fights for affliction extremely good!) while you have all dots running on your main targets you want to apply haunt to them while still making sure all targets.
Affliction Warlocks also have insane AoE damage through Seed of Corruption and Soul Flame too which we will talk more about later in the guide!
6 - Drain Soul Use this if the target is below 20 health or if you are in dire need of additional soul shards.DPS is mostly correct, except for Frost Mage and Survival Hunter due to a lack of data.Rotation guide its basicly using the mechanic of snapshotting to play your spec, its more deciding if it is worth it to put a new dot and think if it will be stronger then the previous dot your have applied (which you tried to apply.But if you find a new item that gives extra mastery but keeps your haste the same, it will now increase the damage of 11 dots instead.Each DPS / HPS metric for each legendary is the average of the top 50 parses given that: The parse has only one legendary (not two).If you are on the spot like this example it will indeed barely to not do anything for you.I think these might be underpowered and deserve a buff.Uldir Best in Slot, here we have provided a list of the best available items from Uldir, which may be advantageous for players who have little interest in Mythic Dungeons or Player.Remember to check back often since opinions often change on the best gear.