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Now go through the door to your north to enter the banquet room.
They will tell you to drop a gold coin into an Asgarnian ale.
The weaknesses for each eurojackpot suomi colour are as follows: White - Air spells Blue - Water spells Orange - Melee attacks Brown - Earth spells Red - Fire spells Green - Range attacks Kill it using the attacks from the above list, but remember to watch.Again, gather two tchiki nuts the same way you did with the red banana.Speak to him again and give him the items.To Start: Inspect either goblin.After inspecting a goblin the gypsy will tell you to go to the Goblin Village, which is located north of Falador.Remember, there is no way to retrieve what you lose!Make sure that you are wearing gloves (if the gloves you are wearing are Ice gloves then you can skip the next step) and take the cake from the table.
Answer: Flour, Eggs, and Milk Question: What doesn't lie between Morytania and Asgarnia?
Take the slop and use it on the goblin in Lumbridge castle.Then go through the pen door and kill a crab.Start Point: Lumbridge Castle Banquet Room To Start: Complete all sub-quests Once you have completed all of the sub-quests you will watch a cut-scene, after this there will be a portal that you can go through to fight the Culinaromancer and his minions.Now kill a chompy bird and get a raw chompy.Note: It is recommended to not tank this boss but to kite as Flambeed hits hard and often!You can buy various gloves and weapons if you choose 'buy item or if you choose 'buy food' you are shown a selection of foodstuffs.After you have defeated him, exit the portal and go bank to prepare for the next stage.He gives you some quiz questions.If you have done any of the other sub-quests, then cake supplies may be easily bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest.