Betonline cheating blackjack

But when placed alongside the other you can begin to understand the impact of something like that happening.
And if it was, who was behind it the dealer himself, the live casino software or Bet Online.
He opened my eyes to the issues facing live casino operators, and how Social media puts extra pressure on the dealers both personally and professionally.Its this that damages the reputation of suppliers and the industry as a whole and I dont like.The two are sort of intertwined.I cant help but think that if GGL hadnt already taken that decision they might have pursued this further.It can be seen in the video, as well as a second video Morgenstern posted with that hand singled out.After being criticized for not responding to the allegations that their live dealer was cheating, Bet Online, a very popular online casino for US residents, has released two statements thus confirming that the live dealer swapped cards intentionally and cheated while operating the game.How do I know?Please go to your preferences, scroll to the bottom, and uncheck "use redesign as my default experience" to view this subreddit correctly.did someone from the blackjack operator tell him to do it, or did BetOnline have something to do with it?
Summary Unless the dealer involved comes out and says what happened we will never really know what happened.
As always, takes client feedback seriously.The value of the card is only known after it has exited the shoe and been scanned.The Investigation life & poker GGL carried out a very detailed investigation into what happened.These amassed nearly 2 million views over a few days.They dont know the order of the cards and the deck is shuffled on camera.Of the 70 dealers working at GGL about 10 would find a new job at VIG.

Youll get to see me at the tables doing some dealing (badly I might add).
Asks that anyone who feels they may have been affected by this dealers actions to contact them by email.
If we give BetOnline the benefit of the doubt though and assume the company isnt just straight-up lying (yeah, yeah, I know it looks like that conspiracy theory doesnt quite work.