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Virus Total - Free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.
Medusa - Open paljonko voi antaa rahaa ilman että siitä menee veroa source, cross-platform interactive disassembler.
Parrot - Distribution similar to Kali, with multiple architecture.Wapiti - Black box web application vulnerability scanner with built-in fuzzer.Honeypots - Honeypots, tools, components, and more.Pagodo - Automate Google Hacking Database scraping.Intel Techniques - Collection of osint enzo casino online tools.Proxmark3 - rfid/NFC cloning, replay, and spoofing toolkit often used for analyzing and attacking proximity cards/readers, wireless keys/keyfobs, and more.FSec - FSec - Croatian Information Security Gathering in Varaždin, Croatia.
Fiddler - Free cross-platform web debugging proxy with user-friendly companion tools.Dos-over-tor - Proof of concept denial casino app with 80 free spins of service over Tor stress test tool.SlowLoris - DoS tool that uses low bandwidth on the attacking side.SecApps - In-browser web application security testing suite.Memcrashed - DDoS attack tool for sending forged UDP packets to vulnerable Memcached servers obtained using Shodan API.

Ufonet - Abuses OSI layer 7 http to create/manage 'zombies' and to conduct different attacks using; GET/post, multithreading, proxies, origin spoofing methods, cache evasion techniques, etc.
CTF Field Guide - Everything you need to win your next CTF competition.
Sslstrip - Demonstration of the https stripping attacks.