Bj 1 blackjack

bj 1 blackjack

The ability to mount Jump Jets helps to offset the low top speed of the 'Mech.
He was killed a year later in a fight with McKinnon's Raiders on Fallon.
The one problem was that its joints had a tendency to attract shells, much as did the autocannon linkage on GM's other major 'Mech, the Marauder.The skattkammaren slottet stockholm myth of the Blackjack's inferiority received a blow in 3022, however, when the infamous Kurita Captain Mercer Ravannion attempted to use his 'horde' tactics against an under-strength Davion garrison on the ice world of Xhosha VII.Almost all configurations feature Jump Jets and four Medium Lasers.BJ-1DC, this model of the venerable Blackjack removes the Jump Jets of the Blackjack BJ-1 in favor of two Small Lasers.No Guts No Galaxy Podcast: t TheSeanLangShow: m/theseanlangshow/ Critical Hits Comic: p/board, ml Facebook: m/NoGutsNoGalaxyPodcasts.Freezing temperatures affected the performance of 'Mech equipment on both sides, particularly the defenders' Locusts.BJ-1X, the BJ-1X was the original prototype of the venerable Blackjack.
When used en masse by an entire lance or company of Blackjacks, they proved quite effective.TheSeanLangShow: m/theseanlangshow critical Hits Comic: p/board, ml, facebook: m/NoGutsNoGalaxyPodcasts.The Blackjack's bad reputation obscures the fact that it can hold its own against comparable 'Mechs and is fully capable of winning a one-on-one combat.It functions generally as fire support or against infantry and small armored vehicles.The 'Mech fulfilled its secondary role of fire support with only moderate success, as its twin light autocannon were not up to the task of blasting away at armored 'Mechs.The medium lasers provided more firepower, however.Remaining calm, he utilized what little terrain existed on the windswept plain, and met each Kurita thrust with a counterthrust from his outnumbered Blackjacks, then personally led the counter-attack that broke the back of Ravannion's assault.The production model differed from early prototypes in replacing the twin, arm-mounted GM Flashpoint flamers with heavier but more reliable Class 2 Whirlwind-L autocannon.When hordes of Stingers and Wasps burst from DropShips in what Ravannion hoped was an irresistible wave, they caught the Militia by surprise.This also required replacing the original Vox 225 power plant with the lighter GM 180, which reduced the Blackjack's speed and endurance.

Driven by fanaticism, Ravannion threw his 'Mechs into battle without regard for men or material.