Blackjack pelip yd't

blackjack pelip yd't

Noun A failure; a flop: The home-style bean curd is a bust, oily and rubbery ( Mark and Gail Barnett ) A time or period of peter stormare slottet widespread financial depression: Bankers consider the region's diversified economy to be good protection against a possible real estate bust.
When a police officer arrests a suspect, this is an example of a bust mistä voi saada rahaa ilman luottotietoja by a police officer.People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.To undergo breakage; become broken.Noun ( plural busts) (slang) The act of arresting someone for a crime, or raiding a suspected criminal operation: a narcotics bust (slang) A failed enterprise; a bomb.The larger, supported by six columns resting on the backs of lions, was made in 1272 by Nicolaus of Foggia the bust over the entrance to it is said to be a portrait of Sigilgaita Rufolo.Bust is defined as a period of economic down time, a police raid in which arrests are made or something that doesn't go as planned and that is considered a failure.Slang To hit; punch.An example of a bust is when the police raid a home and arrest people on drug charges.To make a police raid.A bust of Odoric was set up at Pordenone in 1881.When a couple splits up, this is an example of the bust up of the marriage.
(sports, derogatory) A player who is drafted at a high position and fails.
Origin of bust French buste from Italian busto possibly from Latin bustum sepulchral monument verb busted, busting, busts verb transitive Informal.
Verb intransitive Slang.To cause to become bankrupt or short of money: Unwatched overhead could bust us in a year's time ( Louis Auchincloss ) Informal.(blackjack) To exceed a score.(chess, informal) A refutation of an opening, or of previously published analysis.Origin of bust origin, originally, dialect, dialectal variant, variety of burst to burst or break to become penniless or bankrupt a person or thing that is a total failure a financial collapse; economic crash a punch a spree an arrest bust Idioms bust one's tail.