Bonus de exp runescape

Gofannon amulet Main article: Gofannon amulet The Gofannon amulet is obtained during the quest What's Mine is Yours.
It is initially charged with 500 bonus experience, but may award up to a total of 183,500 experience for completing Doric and Boric's tasks.
Other requirements Recipe for Disaster ( Pirate Pete subquest ) 1,000 - 31 Fishing Contest 2,437 10 - Heroes' Quest 2, 53, 25, spede show iltasatu vedonlyönti 50 The Fremennik Trials 2,812 - 25, 40, 40 if crafting your own lyre Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 5,000 5 15,.Quest experience rewards (F2P).If players have 10,000 bonus experience remaining, they would have 0 after 20,000 total experience gained 10,000 experience plus 10,000 bonus.Fallen stars, main article: Fallen star, fallen stars succeeded pendants of skill as the Treasure Hunter bonus experience item, as such they operate nearly exactly the same.Other requirements Doric's Quest 1,300 - - Plague City 2,425 - - The Giant Dwarf 2,500 - 14, 12, 16, 33 Heroes' Quest 2, 53, 53, 25 Another Slice.A.M.Prismatic stars are usable on any skill; skill stars are locked to a specific skill.To name a few: Some of these items grant you both regular experience and bonus experience, or grant you regular experience while also consuming some of your bonus experience (if the selected skill has any) for a larger experience gain!Recruitment Drive 1,000 - 12, the Depths of Despair 1, Hosidius Favour (Kourend the Fremennik Trials 2,812 - 25, 40, 40 if crafting your own lyre, underground Pass 3,000 -.Free players may fight him once every week and members may fight him twice every week for the reward.This amount is the bonus experience, not total experience.The way bonus experience works is when you perform a skill that has bonus experience, you will receive double experience for that activity.
If the player already owns the cosmetic version, then they are recharged upon defeating the wolves.The crystal provides bonus experience spread over all the remaining requirements for Plague's End, while each fragment can be redeemed for bonus experience equivalent to a small fallen star in a skill of the player's choice.They are discontinued from the Squeal of Fortune, but still exist and may be drained of experience if you still have any.Players may wish to put this experience into skills that are hard, slow or expensive to raise, such as Slayer, Runecrafting, Prayer, Construction, Farming, Smithing, Agility, Crafting or Herblore.Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza Main article: Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza is a minigame that can award bonus experience to a choice of Farming, Slayer, or Mining, among other rewards such as the seedicide.The prized pendants provide more experience than regular pendants and as such, are rarer prizes.3, Rag and Bone Man II 5,000 - 40, 20 The Great Brain Robbery 6, 30 Rum Deal 7, 50, 40, 42 Spirits of the Elid 8,000 - 37, 33, 37, 37 Swan Song 10, 66, 62, 62, 45, 42, 40 Holy Grail 11,000.The following list also shows the skill requirement in order to receive that quest experience reward.Goblin cower shield Main article: Goblin cower shield The goblin cower shield is randomly dropped by Goblin bosses that spawn after killing 15 goblins in Goblin Village.It sounds like you received either a prayer fallen star, or prismatic one, which allows you to choose a skill to use.