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Maximum Rings Available, act 1: 157 rings (20 10 ring monitors act 2: 222 rings, act 3: 163 rings (30 10 ring monitors) edit.
On the road of the racetracks there are at some points Sand Piles which can cause the player to bingolotto jackpot telefonnummer spin out of control and slow down if he/she touches them.Ring if they collide with them.Sonic the Hedgehog (16-Bit) appear as race tracks in, sonic Drift.Spring Yard Zone in Sonic Drift.The fastest racer to complete ept poker chips cashgame these races is rewarded with.This zone's design inspired many similar stages in future Sonic games, such.Spring Yard Zone follows on from.The only time you can hit Robotnik however, is when he flies down to grab a block.
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Racing outside the border of the asphalt track will cause the player to lose speed immediately.
Purple White External links Sonic Drift 2 page at The Green Hill Zone has more information on all the Sonic Drift 2 tracks.Bumpers and springs dominate this level, a cityscape full of slopes and twists.Spring Yard Zone, along with all other zones from.Chaos GP, where it is called "Desert Road 1 and the first course in the White Chaos GP, where it is called "Desert Road 2".Boss Battle, this battle is quite tricky compared to others in the game.It was known as, sparkling Zone in the betas.Category, platform, size 346.3 MB, program by sega, sonic the Hedgehod 4: Episode 1 'Casino Street Zone' Trailer.On the sides of the tracks there are also occasionally azure cacti.Gameplay, in Desert Road, the player's objective is to get the top position in the race.