Character slot prices rotmg

300 Ring of Unbound Health ubhp 5 life Ring of Unbound Defense ubdef 3 life Ring of Unbound Magic ubmp 4-5 life Ring of Unbound Wisdom ubwis 5 life Ring of Unbound Vitality ubvit 3-4 life Ring of Unbound Speed ubspd 3 life Ring of Unbound Attack ubatt 5 life.
Use it as a suggestion for the approximate value of a RotMG item in a trade.
300 Ring of Exalted Vitality exa vit 1 def High demand, for pets.
Terrible 250 The Sun Tarot Card 2 def Drops from Swoll Fairy, Gigacorn 250 The World Tarot Card 3 life Drops from Lair of Draconis 250 The Tower Tarot Card 3 def Drops from The Forgotten Sentinel, Twilight Archmage, The Forgotten King 250 The Chariot Tarot Card 3 life.Member, offline, activity: 392.185 6 Colossus Shield colo, colossus 3 life Fell sharply 380 6 Onyx Shield of the Mad God 4 life 380 Seals Tier Item Nicknames Picture Price Trends/Comments Feed Power 4 Seal yoko kanno inner universe of the Divine divine, divine seal 1 spd Hard to find a buyer sometimes.Frozenkai, member, offline, activity: 86, merit: 10, my hard drive died and I lost all my bitcoins, help me out?155 11 Hippogriff Hide Armor hippo 1 def Stable 218 12 Griffon Hide Armor griffon 2-3 def Large variation 308 13 Hydra Skin Armor hydra.5-2 life Rose a bit.High demand and supply 50 Common Insect Egg insect, bug egg 1 spd Worthless 50 Common Penguin Egg penguin 1 def Another popular egg 50 Common Reptile Egg reptile, lizard 1 spd 50 Common Spooky Egg ghost, spooky 1 spd Worthless 50 Common Woodland Egg.They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction.Closer to 2 life.Killzon32, newbie, offline, activity: 24, merit: 0 pheaonix,.We ship and deliver Weapons, Potions(Pots Armor, Incations, Rings, and more! .
300 Ring of Exalted Health exa hp 4 def 1 life 300 Almandine Ring of Wrath.5 life 300 Ring of Exalted Magic exa mp 1-2 def High demand, for both wearing and pets.
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Tier 0-8 weapons, tier 0-3 abilities, tier 1-9 armors and tier 1-3 hp/def rings or tier 1-4 (any other type) rings are worthless and difficult if not impossible to sell except perhaps for each other.Items do not have some sort of inherent price, and these prices arent determined by me or any other one person.300 Ring of Exalted Dexterity exa dex 1-2 def High demand, for both wearing and pets.380 Poisons Tier Item Nicknames Picture Price Drops/Comments Feed Power 4 Felwasp Toxin felwasp -1 spd Usually traded for items of similar value and tier 90 5 Nightwing Venom nightwing 1 spd 1 def Low at the moment, but decent demand 185 6 Baneserpent Poison.Tier 10 weapons/tier 11 armors (occasionally bought for pet food at the price of a rainbow price, although rarely).High demand, possible rise.Just send us the website link in contact us and if they are cheaper, we will match it or beat IT!Only one minute and your problems of not having the items you want will be solved!Occasionally traded for.5 def.