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"Soft play" is a form of collusion, failing to take as much as you can from your opponent (or from one opponent, but not others).
Let's take a look at some examples of the nut hand.
The second-nut hand or third-nut hand (and so on) may refer to the second and third best milloin s bonukset maksetaan possible hands.Anyone holding 5 -4 in their hand will have made a Five-high straight flush:.You cannot lose because you have the nuts, and failing to bet sacrifices any chance you have to win more money.In poker, the nut hand is the strongest possible hand in a given situation.K-7 knows that he has the nut hand as it is impossible for another player to have two kings.It is important to note that the actual nut hand may not be the same as the absolute nut hand; for example, if the board is 7 alan meltzer poker 2 K K 3 a player with, k K has the absolute nut hand.In poker, the best possible hand for any arrangement of cards is known as the 'nuts'.It can be quite subjective ei talletusta bingot and hard to prove.In Omaha hold 'em, if the board is, 5 6 A 9 5, any player with 2-3 makes the nut-low hand, 6-5-3-2-A, while a player with 2-4 makes the second-nut-low hand, 6-5-4-2-A (the nut-high hands remain the same as in Texas hold 'em, in this.
In Omaha, with the same board as above, a player holding 7 8 plus 2-3 of any suit has the nut-nut and is guaranteed no worse than a split of the low pot plus a win of the high pot.Within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; On another forum (not poker related) they are arguing about the meaning of The Nuts.For example if a player holds 7 8 on a board of 5 6 9 he can be said to have the nuts, however if the next card comes 7 then 8-10 becomes the nuts.Contents, usage in context edit, in, texas hold 'em, if the board is 5 6 A 9 5, a player holding 7 8 has the nut hand because those hole cards complete a 9 -high straight flush of spades, which cannot be beaten by any.In high-low split games one often speaks of "nut-low" and "nut-high" hands separately.The best possible five-card hand.One guy says you can have the nuts post flop.At all times in poker, you are ethically required to play your hand in a way that benefits you, and only you.This makes some nut hands very vulnerable in nine-card games, such as Omaha hold 'em.

However, it is sometimes possible that someone else may have the same hand as you, in which case you will split the pot.
That these historical games were played only in the winter, and therefore, the nuts that were placed on the table were "stone cold hence coining the term "stone-cold-nuts".
Since it would be expected that a player would only make such a bet when he had the best possible hand, the folk lore says that this is how the best possible hand came to be known as the nuts.