Civilization 6 government legacy bonus

And yes, this would usually be a very good choice for a militaristic play.
Merchant Republic 2 Trade Routes.
But it surely is true that some are better than others in most cases, as well as more fun to play.All units 5 in theological combat.1 bonus yield from district projects for 10 turns.Theocracy, can buy land combat units with Faith.Which is the best government type to choose in Civilization 6 and what route is the best to follow?(20 temporary) 1 military, 1 economic, lotto arvonnat myöhemmin 1 diplomatic, 1 wildcard.Since there are basically two big types of governments unibet vedonlyönti in the game (economic or militaristic its a bit easier to decide which path to take in the long run.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.(10 temporary) 2 military, 1 economic, 1 wildcard.When you switch to a more modern government you get a legacy bonus for Monarchy but not for the old government you replaced.
Democracy, patronage of Great People costs 50 less gold.
1 bonus on all types of production for 20 turns.
Fascism is great if youre military-minded, but Communism is great as well.1 discount on Faith purchases for 15 turns.Communism, industrial Zone Districts can defend.Monarchy 2 Housing in any city with Medieval Walls.The legacy bonus is a small bonus you receive every x amount of turns while you are under the same government.Fascism, all combat units gain 6 attack strength.And I am here to share with you my thoughts on the best government type in Civilization 6, knowing that it can be more or less adjusted depending on your type of play style.With 10 different government types available in Civilization 6 and 100 policies to choose from, its pretty obvious that there are a lot of options for you to choose and create the best government for your civilization.