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Timing How long you expect to retain the desirable features of a position compared to your opponent.
Criteria (a) and (f) call for making a safe play; the others point towards making a bold play.
Pure Race A betsson blackjack strategy game in which the opposing forces have disengaged so there is no opportunity for further blocking or hitting by either side.
Double Shot One blot which can if moottoripyörän bonus be directly hit two different ways, or two blots each of which can be directly hit one way.The doubling cube is turned to 2 and stays in the middle.Winning a coup classique is especially satisfying for you and maddening for your opponent.One of the four quadrants that make up the playing area: your home board, your outer board, the opponent's home board, and the opponent's outer board.Big Play A bold or aggressive play when a safer but less constructive play is available.Roll Out To analyze a position by playing it out over and over again.Opening Game The first phase of a backgammon game where the players have yet to establish their initial game plans.
See: How to Play Trictrac.Cube Decision The choice of whether or not to offer a double, or the choice of whether to accept, or refuse a double that has been offered.The network is "trained" by adjusting the weights of the connections until desired outputs are achieved for given inputs.Moultezim A Turkish game in which players start at diagonally opposite corners and move around the board in the same direction.Railroad Tracks To pile all your checkers on a few points (1) ; also called candlesticks.Acey-Deucey Also spelled "Acey-Deucy" or "Acey-Ducey".Tailgate To start to throw your dice before the opponent has picked up his own finlandia hotels bonuskortti dice to finish his turn ; to roll prematurely.

Lover's Leap Sometimes spelled "lovers' leap".
Turn The sequence of actions that each player takes in alternation.
See: " Cluster Count " by Jack Kissane.