Crash bandicoot 2 diggin it bonus level

crash bandicoot 2 diggin it bonus level

To get the red gem, you have to casino nopeat kotiutukset wait until later in the game.
For the clear gem, you need to jump into the huge plank covered gap after the bear falls.The gem will be at the end of the path.In the extra underground area, slide-jump from the big birds before they drop down.For the secret level, at the first checkpoint, avoid the jet-ski and instead bounce along the boxes to reach the nearby platform.The rest of the boxes is easy to find.Also, to" a friendly person from the comments named Tonlee: I have found out on Level 11 Plant Food if you get the timer to start, go to the?To go past that one, jump on the 10 fruits box and bounce over.Hang Eight, to get the clear gem here, you need the blue gem from Turtle Woods.Turtle Woods, for the clear gem, you need to destroy all boxes.For the second clear gem, destroy all the boxes.
Sewer or Later For the clear gem, go right at the fork the hit the!
You wont die, instead getting teleported to the purple gem area.
For the yellow gem, get to the level before the timer, which starts at the first checkpoint, ends.Snow Go, to get the clear gem, destroy all the boxes.The other clear gem is probably the hardest in the game, skillwise.For the other clear gem (the first one on the indicator between levels this level has a time attack mode.Instead, go back to the death platform, clearing the now active outlined box along the way.Ruination For the first clear gem, just clear the green gem path.These two boxes can technically be used to get infinite lives, but its probably faster to just repeat the earlier levels.Once the bear cub throws you off, go all the way back to it and youll get teleported to the secret warp zone.Other than that, its straightforward.In the second half of the level, theres a box you can only reach by bouncing from a turtle.

The way I did it was to take the right path first up to and including the stone structure well after the checkpoint.
Night Fight The difficulty here are the fireflies.
For the green gem, again, go right on the fork.