Crash bandicoot toxic waste bonus round

Sanity Island Beach; Jungle.
Gin will scream after being defeated by Crash, shows annoyance with come on mobile bonus him even when he's at the last hitpoint, the acid cannon is visible only when activated and then retracted for a later attack, and his mech's arms are reduced to mechanical stubs.
Full-Boar Action : Boars appears as unkillable enemies in the bridge levels.When he is burnt in the second and third games, he briefly switches to his original model (from the first game) before turning into ashes.The blobs are more pronounced gelatinous monsters, with eyes and a mouth.Both Wumpa Fruit and Crash's life icon will glow if the player collects Wumpa Fruit and extra lives.Originally the release date for Crash Bandicoot.Crash jumps out of the Cortex Vortex and runs to the left with Cortex chasing him.
The model is also incorrect; it's the same as a clear gem, rather than its original model.Certain Checkpoints have been relocated.Gin is already on-screen with his mech on and immediately fights Coco.Crash can now use the elevator in Warp Room 1 just hit quads poker to descend into the Secret Warp Room, and use the Secret Warp Room's elevator to travel to Warp Room 1, allowing him to use the three secret entrances and play the two secret levels without.Boss; Time Twister Core.Bonus Stages and boss fights, some of which can be real challenging unless you got pure gamer skills.

Nitrus Brio create the Evolv-O-Ray, a device that can mutate any animal into a super-strong, hyper-intelligent warrior, and the Cortex Vortex, a brain manipulation device that can make anyone and anything a blind follower of Cortex's orders.
The Lab Assistants let out a speed-up version of the Howie Scream.