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(Indeed, one shot that shows Spike's reaction to seeing her hints it might even have been Love at First Sight, at least on his end).
This doesn't change even in pokeri kolmoset todennäköisyys her last episode.
It's not entirely clear if he asked Jet along because he was already feeling guilty for betraying him, or because he was worried Taxim might let something slip.
The Smart Guy : Ed tried to use the Bebop's computer to hack into the Brain Dream and failed.Terse Talker : Speaks very little, and is more likely to act, violently, than to say anything at all.Super Reflexes : Implied to be a result of the Bloody Eye use.That much is obvious.Noble Bigot with a Badge : While a bounty hunter rather than police, Spike sometimes mutters misogynistic comments under his breath or just loud enough for Faye to hear.We Used to Be Friends : He and Vicious used to be Bash Brothers.Knight of Cerebus : Whenever Vicious makes an appearance, he brings the foremost conflict of the series in with him.It's his pet, so he must have some level of affection for it, right?Tag Along Kid : Serves as one on the Bebop.Does Not Like Shoes : More like can't wear shoes.
Plus besides Harrison, it's implied the other people turned into monkeys on her ship were either other members that failed her or people that got in her way - and she ejects them all into space for a decoy ploy without a second thought.
Near the show's end, Big Shots is cancelled so the comical segment won't conflict with the permanently serious tone.
Badass Longcoat : Cool Car : An old-fashioned red Cadillac convertible.True Companions : He had always presumed Spike and Julia were his.Ed gets her chance to pull this off along with Ein at the end of "Hard Luck Woman when they leave the Bebop together after Ed decides it's time for her to move along.It says something that besides during Shin's sacrifice and his post-victory before the collapse, the final battle has Spike in a perpetual state of death glare due to Julia dying.Honor Among Thieves : He and his brother are the most honorable members of the Red Dragon that appear in the show.Black pants, red jacket.Outlaw Couple : She and Asimov are on the run from both the law and their old syndicate.Goggles Do Something Unusual : She uses them to surf the web.They Would Cut You Up : Captured and kept in a lab for several years.