Diablo 3 pool of reflection bonus

So I guess the det kongelige slott ledig stilling results are relevant mostly for peliautomaatti ikäraja when you're pushing relatively high GRs for gem ups, but want to grab some free paragon XP is on the way.
The XP reward for closing a rift grows by 5 per level, house bonus ark multiplicatively, from 70 onwards.
Otherwise, a *2 multiplier to XP corresponds to a log_1.05(2).2 higher GR level, so you'd just look just.2 GR levels higher than the GR you're actually doing.
How does this bonus pool affect the gain of experience?Keep an eye out!If you're doing Greater Rifts at a level where you occasionally die, you'll likely not want to look for much more pools than are consumed from closing the rift, since on average you'll lose an increasing part of that.Clicking on a Pool of Reflection adds 10 percent of the EXP needed for the player's current levelnormal or Paragonto that character's bonus pool.Locate the point corresponding to your case by its coordinates, and judge the number of pools depleted at your case by its location relative to proximate contour lines, the associated values of which are listed in the key to the right.For example, at Paragon level 1, where 7,200,000 EXP are needed to reach Paragon level 2, each Pool of Reflection adds 720,000 EXP to the bonus pool, and the bonus pool is limited to 7,200,000 EXP; at Paragon level 500, each Pool adds 185,232,000 EXP.Were also planning to update the mini-map icon so that you can tell when a Pool of Reflection well is depleted.
Edit: How will double XP weekend affect this?You'd think that, when you're with a really strong group speed farming and netting lots of XpT, having pools stacked up is more important (since the xp bonus is multiplicative).#2 is the reason why people will generally give the advice that you shouldn't bother actively looking for pools until you got some level.Putting this together, we see that the number of pools is a bivariate function of your paragon level and the GR level of the GR that is being closed.For example, assume you're paragon level 1200 and - for some reason - were able to farm GR level osoon?Two-shot sequence showing the max possible 10 stack bonus.For the formula how to calculate this for a given paragon level, see here (3).

Tooltip Information edit edit source, the tooltip is confusing, though the little dot on the experience bar is clear enough for a visual indicator.
A diamond on the experience bar shows where the pool will end, if it ends on the current level; if it extends past the current level, the diamond will appear at the end of the bar.