Donk bet poker strategy

Hence the name donk bet.
It is the percentage of time a player makes a donk bet when given the opportunity.Players with donk bet and fold to cbet adding to 100.Flop: (28 BB, 3 players) 6 2 3, sB bets 14 BB, fold, Hero calls 14 BB, turn: (56 BB, 2 players).PokerStars -.50 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 4 players.Hero shows K casino club san antonio K (One Pair, Kings) (Pre 82, Flop 10, Turn 9).If you do not understand why your opponent is donk betting, you will be put into situations where you feel lost.It is also available for each street,.e.However, you need to take notes on the range of hands your opponent does this with, and on the response to your continuation bets after min-donking compared to checking.When you have a hand like KJ, you may need to start using donk bets in order to get three streets of value from their holdings that they prefer to check-call rather than bet themselves.For example if a player hits a set with a flush draw on the board, he could helsinki lontoo flights make a bet large enough to deny the odds to call with that draw in order to protect his hand.These two reasons justify out of position aggression.
But novice players do not know all that; they simply bet because they have a big hand, ruining its potential in the process.
He could of done it with any betsafe casino slots other OP, What do you guys think?
Therefore he is expected to automatically bet at the flop, and the standard play is to check to him.Your opponents might also donk bet their strongest draws.This player is most likely here to gamble!December 26, 2016, what is a donk bet?A donk bet is a bet made by a player before the player who has the initiative.Make sure that you do not implement a donk strategy until you have strong reads on your opponent and a very good reason to.

Put your opponents out of their confort zone so that they make mistakes.
This leads to very profitable bluffing and semi-bluffing opportunities.
And the donk bet can be a scare technique if well timed.