Drennan side pull slots

drennan side pull slots

For my test session, I grabbed a few hours at Woodland View, near Droitwich.
Poles under 500 always surprise me with their quality and resultat loto semaine derniere usability.
The Target Carp could easily handle a Red Bungee 18-20 and would make a great bagging pole.There are two sizes of belgialainen casino verot Roller Cone; one for a standard Carp Kits and one to fit the shorter Double 2 Kits and Red Range Carp Kits.Like us on Facebook - m/korumangling.Add the final butt section and I was probably just as surprised as anyone to find a pole that is actually good to use.Six carp kits for starters, all factory fitted with Drennans side pull system.The first thing that took me aback when unboxing this pole was the spares package.Taking a closer look at the Cone itself, a key to its efficiency is its free-running wheel.Once the Roller Cone is in place, your pole elastic works super smooth.The Side Pull Slot, when Puller Kits were first developed, they featured a single hole for the elastic to exit the side.
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The pole doesnt come with a cupping kit but it does come with the cups and adaptors to make one of the carp kits into a cupping kit, which still leaves you with five spares.This is produced in a tough engineering polymer.I had a great hour or so fishing at 10 metres for the roach; I even managed a few skimmers and a rogue F1 that presented a few problems on my lightweight No5 elastic.The Side Pull System is a great development that will really help you to play fish more efficiently!Drennan is a brand you can trust and I would be more than happy to part with 400 notes to bag myself one of these.

Drennan Red Range Target Carp Pole.
Fortunately, the side pull system helped me to get the fish under control quickly and effectively.
This allows you to temporarily tighten up the elastic, but still revert back to the original tension.