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And it's actually a quest for you to.
Louie is also the local magistrate, so is in a position to make sure everyone pays.In Dark of joni liimatta pokeri haasyayyelu the Moon, the second book.C.Logan goes into a blind rage, Piz jumps in to help him when he gets in over his head, Dick jumps in because it looks like great fun, Weevil reluctantly gets involved (initially it seems he's torn between wanting to help and not wanting.In Mass Effect: Retribution, it's made clear that the xenophobic Cerberus assassin, Kai Leng, is a huge badass when we learn why he was kicked out of the Alliance marines in the first place.Such a history in fact, that its first appearance named as the Broken Drum has a bar fight started over a chest full of gold coins, shortly before it is burnt to the ground and most of the city with.The Dropkick Murphys song "Barroom Hero" is about a man who has a chronic habit of getting into bar brawls, with dangerous consequences.Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us ends with Bigby getting into one of these.
Web Comics In Twice Blessed, Cade goes to ask Tessa of the Emerald Flame at the Blue Bulls Tavern if she'd be interested in his Rod of Wonder.
As Lister puts it, "It's not a bar room brawl, it's a bar room tidy!
Tabletop Games These are pretty standard for the setting in Shadowrun.Happens often in the Monkey Bar, with a Running Gag of the owner Bon Chance Louie doing up the bill for damages as the fight takes place.In the beginning of Star Trek (2009), when Kirk was flirting unsuccessfully with Uhura, a few other cadets didn't like that and punched Kirk, starting the fight.47 can start one in Hitman: Absolution by cutting the power to the jukebox.In the Ghostbusters fan film Return of the Ghostbusters, Neil and Pavel get into one of these.When 4 Blood Elves walk into an Alliance Tavern where there's 3 Alliance Players and a Death Knoob.In Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, one of the Mystery Rooms in the Item World is a bar.Amon briefly mentions an incident involving a drunk Shinohara starting one of these, beating up 20 coworkers in the process.If the player opts to publicly denounce some distant relatives who are trying to take advantage of his/her position, one cousin gets so incensed that he picks a fight with an Inquisition soldier in a tavern.

The Piano Player secures the piano and leaves (and a subversion is if he's the one starting the trouble ).