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Like my family, more than half had autoimmune family histories.
How many adults do you know who are fully vaccinated?
5) As an activist in childrens health, you meet many moms who have sick children.
Because most of these issues can overlap, we may not even see it because we dont know what euro jackpot matko normal looks like anymore.Children with chronic health issues have become the norm.All combining to poison our children. My sons pediatrician concluded that his autism was caused by his vaccines.4) I worked for a pediatrician as an autism family advocate.You do not know my child. But thats what happened to my son.
Our.My sister was never vaccinated again per her pediatrician, and my cousin will never vaccinate herself or any child she may have, either. These people are often applauded or even possibly financially compensated for their stance. From what I saw, many of these families and their previous doctors linked vaccines to their childrens issues. We treated the vaccine injury.Heres what I want to say to all the people who say it isnt so: 1) Many people have been compensated in vaccine court for medical issues that are a part of their autism and even autism itself.3) Speaking of family history, my sister spent a week in the hospital after the MMR at age 7, and my cousin contracted a rare blood disease after her nursing school vaccines at age. .