Holdem 5 max 6 max stats

The recommended poker HUD stats listed below are for small stakes games only.
In position against the i jackpot and the game have technical issues weaker regs is a good place to start mixing it up more.Lastly, I should also mention that a HUD is just one of the tools I use at the poker table.In HU games, it can be considered correct to play 100 range when we are first to act in the BTN/SB."Red line" (or non-showdown winnings) are a lot more important in 6max than full ring.However once again, these HUD stats are meant for playing against the robotic non-thinking nits and loose/passive recreational players that you will often encounter at the lower stakes games like NL2, NL5, NL10 and sometimes NL25.(3x 4bets are a big tell in many cases) 5bet All-in assuming 100bb effective stacks Cbet in - Single-Raised-Pot 66 pot 3bet Pot 50 pot (or just over) 4bet Pot 33 pot (or just over) Flop raise - Single Raised Pot 3 times the size.There are doubtless many more population tendencies that can improve the exploitative side of our game, but this list is a good place to start.Well, as I already mentioned above I use.However, it is much more necessary in a 6-Max game to continue with hands like these.
HU is a great choice for action junkies, but can be too intense for many players.
And you can find that right here.We also potentially lose the feeling of anonymity that some players value.For instance, by comparing the two charts above you can see that in full ring suited aces down to A5 are selected.Here is another excellent example of when to double barrel in a 6max game: Bottom Line: Bet more often in 6-Max.This is almost trivial to exploit.You should make this adjustment for literally all situations in a 6-Max game.This nitty regular is almost certainly going to CBet on this dry board.From time to time I will even mix in a raise as well.By the way you can download my entire custom HUD for free and use it for yourself at the tables right here.

Open-Raise Anywhere between 2bb and 4bb, but most frequently between 2 and.5bb.
You should add a few of the next worst hands in every scenario when you play 6-Max.
This means in the majority of cases we will act after that player on each street.