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The Gang's venture into musicals in "The Nightman Cometh" featured loads of bad acting.
It's even lampshaded by Emma.
When they do this, the acting is either over-the-top or oddly stilted.In the wrap-up movie to The Famous Jett Jackson, Jett swaps places with his superspy Show Within a Show character Silverstone.Picard starts out with "It's not over between.Fake Marge: I am glad he's gone.In "Franklin Plays Hoppity Bop" from Franklin and Friends, Franklin and his friends miss shots on purpose in order to try make the game fun for Bear, who is bad.While the film she was in was a deliberate case of Stylistic Suck, Shinichi, the protagonist who also directed said film, leaves scenes in the film where she accidentally flubs her lines.Those that are good at acting typically couldn't mimic a poor actor, and even then, just like above, it'd be hard to tell if the actor was trying to fail though it's something like common wisdom that only someone who's very good at something can.In contrast to these two veikkaus lahja arpa scenes, she unexpectedly swings towards very convincing in Secret Team staging a monster attack to get Pearl and Amethyst runescape firemaking bonus xp to apologize to each other.Agent: I am a road worker.Krabs films a commercial for the Krusty Krab, where him, Squidward, and Pearl are obviously not good actors.Unlike other examples of the trope, this really was bad acting, as the rest of the cast spares their feelings when they ask for feedback by hastily evacuating the room.
Also in "Doppelgangland not only does Willow try to pass herself off as the evil vampire Willow, but the vampire Willow tries to pass herself off as good Willow, so Cordelia will let her out of the book cage.
In one episode Bender auditioned for a role in All My Circuits.
Duck doesn't buy it, and just pulls him through.The Office (US) "Threat Level Midnight" showcases Michael's personal pet project movie of the same name, which has the Dunder-Mifflin staff as the actors.Agent: I am a sad widow.Due to technical limitations, it's left as an Informed Ability, since a player can't actually hear him talk.In Dunston Checks In, a maid's boss's boss wants her fired, but her boss likes her and knows his boss will never remember the incident when he shows up again next year, so for the meantime the maid is on two weeks paid vacation.The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth" featured an absurd showing of a fan film made by the main characters: Lethal Weapon.