In poker what beats what

In the south australian keno results event of a tie, the highest supporting cards determine the winner.
Poker Hand Rank #10 - High card.Straight : Five cards of mixed suits, in sequence.As with the Straight Flush, in the event of a tie, the winner is the flush which runs to the highest value card.In the unlikely event of the first two cards in two Flushes being the same, the rank is decided by the third card, then the fourth, then the fifth.Exit What beats what in Poker » Texas Holdem Poker.At this point in your learning, you may want to jot down the winning poker hands to have for reference while playing in your favorite online poker room.Three-Of-A-Kind : Any three cards of the same rank.In the unlikely event of two players having the same two pairs, the highest supporting card is used to determine the winner.
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Now look, there are various ways of learning the winning hands in Texas Hold'em.The Flush is named after the highest card, so the example below is a Jack Flush.Poker Hand Rank #7 - Three of a kind.A Flush is five non-consecutive cards of the same suit.Remember in Texas Hold em the 5 best cards win.Royal Flush : This is the highest ranked poker hand you can have.Straight Flush : Five cards, all of the same suit that are in sequence.Four-Of-A-Kind : Four cards of the same rank.

Four Ks beats four.
If there are two hands with Four of a kind in the same game, the highest ranking Four of a kind wins.e.
Poker Hand Rank #9 - Pair.