Kuroko no basuke s2 bonus cd 8

kuroko no basuke s2 bonus cd 8

Rico is surprised and realizes that Kise's Perfect Copy can now last until the end of the competition.
But when he plays in a friendly game as starting player, he is so nervous he is subbed out immediately.
Meanwhile, the Kaijo team comes to watch the match and Kise notices what Kagami was trying to do, so when the ball went out of court, he returned the ball back and taunted Kagami by saying that he had faced a much fierce player.And enters "the zone".The 1st quarter ends with Kaijo leading 18-13.After getting themselves awake, still without the help of Kuroko and Kagami, Seirin manages to take the game 83-77.At the start of the second quarter, Kuroko attempts to break past Aomine with Vanishing Drive, but Aomine closes his eyes and relies on his past relationship with Kuroko to quickly stop Kuroko from passing him.Aomine leaves poker night 2 borderlands 2 items in the middle of practice one day, and the coach reluctantly gives him permission to skip practices so long as he shows up to games, leaving Aomine in even more despair, conflicted over the lack of strong competition and his passion for basketball.Kagami is evaded by two cutbacks using Akashi's Emperor Eye.During the time out, Murasakibara said that he does not want to play even though they are still 4 points ahead, but Himuro is able to convince him back into playing.
Seiho loses to a team with a member from Yosen, Himuro Tatsuya, whom Kagami knows from America.Seirin decides to go all out early on and get a big lead so that Aomine can't catch.Seirin finally took the lead with 4 seconds left, and Himuro quickly inbounded the ball to Murasakibara, who already ran to the other side at fast speed.which triggers an internal dialogue with his other self.Kagami re-enters the zone.Kuroko gets to the match in time to see the conclusion of the game, with Murasakibara scoring the final goal for the opposite team in order to make the score read "111, 11".