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Photograph: John Gurzinski/AFP/Getty Images, but the American always has to be wary of McGregors notorious left hand.
McGregor then went on to say he wasnt about to call out the 50-0 boxer, but that hed wait and see how Mayweather managed his payday from their recent contest and that maybe there could be a rematch down the road, either in the boxing.For nettipokeri turnauspelaaminen all of the pre-fight predictions about McGregor struggling as a novice, the MMA star showed good technique and an overall respect for the sweet science.By the 10th round, McGregor is really struggling.Click here for more information.We have noticed that you are using an ad blocker.But the storyline was just as much about McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, in defeat than it was about the 40-year-old Mayweather in victory.If you are unable to view the application below, please click here.
Let me go down, let the man put me down McGregor said about the finish.
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You know, you get your show money and then you gather all your other information the gate, the pay-per-view, the sponsorship revenue, the merchandise sales.Photograph: Isaac Brekken/AP, by the eight-round, McGregors legs appear to have gone.Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, no hard feelings: McGregor attends his after fight party in Las Vegas.In the end, McGregor never fought too far outside of boxing rules, which many had expected witcher 3 grandmaster gear set bonuses he would try once things got bad.Originally he (Mayweather) said an MMA bout next.McGregor was guaranteed 30 million for the boxing match, while Mayweather was guaranteed 100 million.He fought completely different than he fought (before).