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This years performance in Circus Krone is opened by the poetic clown Alando (Jan Allan, married to nettikasino malta circus owner Irene Thierry) who is looking for a reserved seat and placing a chair in the middle of the ring.
Sonny Frankello have spend several seasons with circuses in Denmark: first Circus Dannebrog, then Circus Benneweis and after that Circus Arena.
Des membres dautres pays ont une fois de plus souligné que la pression par les activistes animaliers sur les cirques continue à accroître.
Sunday afternoon at 13:00 visit to Circus Arena at Koge south of Copenhagen.It is a tradition for tiny Danish Circus Krone to perform a week in the beginning of February at the Gellerup Stage close to Aarhus.There were visits to hospitals, old folks homes, homes for special needs adults etc.Salima Peippo offered the local kids an opportunity to perform hula-hoops in the ring.Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Benneweis.Frequently, the staging of the acts is too dramatic whereas humour is missing.In this connection I wrote that When Kim Benneweis father Sonny Benneweis passed away in 1979 Tim Delbosq took over training of the famous Benneweis elephants.They left Denmark early December in order to produce Lübecker Weinachtcircus in Lübeck, Germany.The tour was not successful.
A world-wide competition is planned to create a logo for the new Federation. .
The ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard in a shortie 5 November 2008 Proposal for Danish Code of Conduct for animals in circuses.
It is always nice if casino lissabon poker the local audience can understand what they are saying.Isabellas youngest son, David Sosman, has decided to follow his father Eddy Sosmans footsteps.Photo by courtesy of the Umore Azoka Leioa Festival.Also in other countries such as France, Spain (e.She will ride the high school and present liberty horses.The costume is also decisive for the public appeal of an act.For 2008, we are very pleased to announce that European Commissioner Jan Figel has agreed to serve in this role.T, Muppet Babies, Kidd Video, Turbo Teen, Alias the Jester, Jem, Thundercats, Punky Brewster, Disney's Gummi Bears and She-Ra: Princess of Power Yogi's Treasure Hunt, Dennis the Menace, Foofur, The Raggy Dolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ALF, Beverly Hills Teens, DuckTales, Popeye and Son, Hello.Late November Baldonis Christmas Circus will start their season performing at sport centres etc.Mentioned at this website on 19 April 18 several Danes paid a visit to German Circus Charles Knie during its visit to Flensburg.