Poker afq definition

The 'Expression' field shows the calculation being used.
Be prepared to call with thin value and assess his range carefully.
Against a passive player we can consider folding here, loton voitonjako 2017 but this particular opponent can bet just as kummeli jackpot näyttelijät easily second or third pair, or simply two overcards.Aggression percentage /Agg Pct/ is used in Holdem Manager and represents the frequency a player takes an aggressive action on a given street.To see how a specific stat is built (for example: "3Bet Preflop choose the appropriate section Holdem Cash Player Statistics on the "Sections" tab, then select the "Statistics" tab.As an HM2 user, I am not going to discuss this statistic in detail as I do not have personal experience using.Examples using Agg Pct and AFq /For sake of simplicity well assume all opponents have stacks of about 100BB/.This is partly why it is more popular in the modern game.A player in EP (early position) limps in, you bonus ammortamento 2017 limp in, and the BB (big blind) checks.Mostly the AF will tally with the Agg, so if you use both statistics, an AF.5 will generally have an Agg of around 33 (normal).You can alter your HUD settings to only show numbers once a certain sample size is reached.The probability of a Check-Raise can (and should) be analyzed using the separate Check-Raise statistic, but more on that later.To exploit this player, you make large value bets, betting even when you have thin value.
The slight difference occurs because checks are neutral in AFq and not counted as passive.
I see it as a feather in PT3s cap.In summary: Afq includes folds in the equation Afq is the optimum measure of postflop aggression Always measure postflop aggression in conjunction with vpip/PFR.So if I bet the flop but check the turn and river I would have 33 Agg Pct because I made 1 out of 3 aggressive actions.However, through speaking to many of my coaching clients, I am acutely aware of 2 problems relating to these statistics:. .If all players checks meant the same thing, it would work better.A bet or a raise from this player is a huge alarm bell that you may not pick up on if you are not paying attention to his.He probably would have slow-played a set or two pairs, but a nine in his hand would explain the bet as protection from overcards on the turn.

Though becoming less popular, AF is still a very useful statistic.
There is a slight difference in the way Agg Pct and AFq are calculated, as Agg Pct sees checking as passive and AFq as neutral.