Poker hands analysis software

poker hands analysis software

Here we need to fold all new casino no deposit bonus april 2017 of our Tx and some of our weakest.
The only bluff that improved to value a bet is pocket deuces.In this hand the blinds are 2/4 and hero bonus kierr├Ątys tarkoittaa raises to 16 from early position.Flop Bluff Range : Here we choose to bluff 159/451 hands.25 of our range.With EZAnalyzer it is, well easy!Now, lets take a look at an advanced method for analyzing hands from a theoretical perspective. .Hero decides to 3bet with.Attacking from the CO 100NL, 100BB Effective Stacks Preflop Folds to Hero/CO who opens.25BB, 2 folds, BB calls Cutoff open-raise range as recommended by The Poker Lab Flop (5BB) A T 6 BB checks, Hero?Totally standard so far.
In this hand theres a limp under the gun, folds around to Hero who decides to attack for 10 and Im totally cool with using your position.
For the sake of this example we will continue with these hands as a call.River Value Range: This gives us a total of 69/125 combinations.2 to value bet.In this hand theres a raise by Villain.This section was written by Thomas Pinnock Minimum defense frequencies are your shield Minimum defense frequency (MDF) is the frequency at which you need to continue when facing a bet in order to make Villains zero-equity hands indifferent to bluffing (see: this article on minimum.Just keep in mind that such software is really complicated and is mainly designed for accomplished players who have been studying the game for some time.This is higher than the give up proportion of 30 that we were aiming for, but this is a result of getting unlucky on a brick turn card.

Here we bluff all hands 9-high or weaker for a total of 29 combinations, meaning our bluffing frequency when we bet is 29 29 69).6.
Should You Ever Fold A Set?