Poker life club

Having people to keno win 4 numbers hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and provide different viewpoints has been huge.
You will live a full life, where happiness is the byproduct of the journey.Fulfillment from said job.Thoughts on GTO club, and how it has helped.Not only are we supporting each other, but we also are firm with each other, and holding each other accountable.Results: Happiness from fulfillment.I have full faith in that.Surrounded by loved ones.
They leave you feeling hopeful for the future, and after working with them you put you head down to sleep at night thinking maybe, just maybe, you made an impact in the world today.
Its hard to make an excuse when someone as motivational as Joe Ingram is saying bro, stop making fucking excuses.Relationship building, intimate and friendship level.If you follow the four agreements, which is my personal bible, written by Miguel Ruiz, you will end up happy.Why did I join?In this video I talk more about how I came up with the idea and more about.Accountability, motivation, and become a more GTO person, everyone will get value in different ways but the biggest aspect Ive seen is the community aspect.Financial independence, helped by poker.Having that social atmosphere, which was very supportive of eachother was great.

A community that helps hold each other accountable, stay motivated, supports and share ideas.