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Byzantine, emperor, zeno (AD 476481).All 15 of a player's checkers are initially positioned on his own 24-point, but there is a major difference.Backgammon has been studied considerably by computer scientists, who have developed software that plays at the level of top human players.It has some general similarities with Portes, with different initial placement of the pieces and with pinning of blots instead of hitting them out.A game of tabula byzantine Greek : ) was played by, byzantine Emperor.Doubles are treated as two identical numbers, unlike backgammon proper.Gul bara edit Main article: Gul bara Gul bara, sometimes referred to as " rosespring backgammon " or " crazy narde is a variant where there is no hitting.Plakoto is very similar to the mahbusa or tapa game.Vyzantinon Vios kai Politismos.In the 11th century Shahnameh, the Persian poet Ferdowsi credits Burzoe with the invention of nard in the 6th century.Každ majite klubovej karty môže využíva množstvo vhod pre ete väsí komfort.
A feature of tables play in some Arab countries is that Persian numbers, rather than Arabic ones, are called out by a player announcing his dice rolls.
Middle East and Central Asia edit The game known in the West as backgammon is played widely in the Middle East and Central Asia.Main article: Sugoroku There are two games known as sugoroku in Japan.Tâb and tablan (as well as the related games sáhkku and daldøs ) may, on the other hand, be descendants of tabula.Collection de l'institut français d'Athènes.The 11th point (on either side) is often called le case d'écolier, or 'schoolboy's point' governor of poker hacked unblocked ( case meaning 'square literally) after the tendency of inexperienced players to rush to this point too soon in the game.

Avignon: Chez rard.