Prominence poker outfits

With only five scenarios available at launch, once you've gotten the money from winning them once, you'll have seen all that there is to see, and they're not really worth returning to again.
This is the equivalent of giving you pocket money, and how much you get is determined by factors such as your character's reputation level, and the number of concurrent days you've logged into the game.
The Criminal 74 (15 gain Rank 2 in any affiliation -1.1There are no guides, unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (4 - TT Ratio.95).No tracked gamers have this trophy The Mechanic 28 (15) Win 10 hands in a row in a multiplayer game -0.1There are no guides Unlocked by 433 tracked gamers (28 - TT Ratio.88) Penta-Cut 29 (15) Collect your Daily Cut 5 times.Visually, Prominence Poker goes further than you'd expect from the genre, rendering both its characters and environments in 3D, and giving you limited control of the camera.There was a point ten years ago when it felt like the popularity of poker had reached fever pitch.Dead Man's Hole, win a hand with the Ace of Spades poker pro online nicknames or Clubs and 8 of Spades or Clubs as your hole cards.By restricting the flow of money at your disposal it manages to make you feel each triumph and failure a little more keenly, while also keeping those hopelessly erratic players, with a penchant for going all-in, all the time, from over-running the tables.(Secret) Show secret details There is 1 guide Unlocked by 422 tracked gamers (28 - TT Ratio.90) Seven Deuce Abuse 31 (15) Win a hand with 7 2 offsuit as your hole cards -0.3There are no guides Unlocked by 366 tracked gamers (24.Outfits are bought via, Shop Stash Outfits.
Win a Head-to-Head tournament -0.3There is 1 guide, unlocked by 358 tracked gamers (23 - TT Ratio.06).
Knock out 100 players in tournament play GS:.84 GS:.39 GS:.24 The Executioner Knock out all 5 players in any 6 player tournament GS:.63 GS:.61 GS:.30 GS:.67 The Mechanic Win 5 hands.However, this does wear off a little quickly, leaving you wishing it had a much cleaner presentation that'd help speed up the play.No Luck Involved 33 (15 win a 6-player online multiplayer tournament -0.3There are no guides, unlocked by 308 tracked gamers (20 - TT Ratio.23).Win 50 Head-to-Head tournaments -0.2There is 1 guide, unlocked by 42 tracked gamers (3 - TT Ratio.09).Prominence Poker newly arrived to the PlayStation 4 aims to offer exactly these sorts of thrills, via a free-to-play structure its developers hope will make you cherish every last chip in your stack.And define outfit, do they men like a suit and tie type outfit or what.GS:.86, gS:.05, gS:.54, gS:.03, gS:.75, gS:.16, gS:.44.Do I need to buy an extra outfit or no?If this isn't enough you can also get occasional cash injections when you hit certain reputation levels, or alternatively you can pay some real world money for one of the cash bundles available on the PlayStation Store, but to be frank, this seems like.