Psp memory stick pro duo adapter dual slot

4 Hacking your PSP could damage your system or get you into trouble.
You can unplug your USB cable.
Things You'll Need PSP USB Cable Computer or PlayStation 3 Enough memory required for the game Did this article help you?Select your game to play.The full list of games available for copying can be found in the Game folder.Jeżeli problem się powtórzy, skontaktuj się z nami podając poniższy numer, oLX:.a4ba1002.321e0d8a.6 Drag and drop the game files into the ISO folder.Double-click to open.You may need to restart your PSP to see your game.It's just like any other large game file you download from the internet.The next step varies depending on where you want the game to be stored.
Use a USB cable to connect the two systems.
Make sure the name of the new folder is in all capital letters.
If you want the game to move right to the Memory Stick, right-click on the game and highlight "Add to then select Memory Stick.If youre using a Mac, open Finder and youll see your PSP under Devices.Use Fat32Formatter on each SD card in your PC before formatting the Pro Duo in the PSP 2 3, open the USB connection on your PSP.7 Click the circle button on your PSP.Make sure your computer can run the software.Community Q A Search Add New Question Question How do I put downloaded games into the PSP without using a USB port?Youll only be able to use this method if youve hacked your PSP.If you want to store the game in the PSP's system memory, simply select the game on the PC and drag bingo number shuffler it over to your PSP (on the left).Open the Game menu and select either Memory Stick or System Storage.By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

The largest Memory Stick you can put into a PSP is 32GB.
The largest Memory Stick you can put into a PSP is at least 256GB using the PhotoFast Pro Duo Dual Slot Adapter and 2 Micro SD cards of equal storage.