Python poker hands

Append(card) make_canonical(new_hand) d(tuple(new_hand) return hands def expand_hands(hands, num_cards for i in range(num_cards new_hands set for j, hand in enumerate(hands min_card hand-1 1 if i 0 else 0 min_card) hands new_hands return hands.
Rnk rnk me name def _str self return me class HandComparator(object pass class HandEvaluator(object rank_nothing Rank(1 High card rank_pair Rank(2 Pair rank_doublepair Rank(3 Double Pair rank_threeofakind Rank(4 Three of a Kind rank_straight Rank(5 Straight rank_flush Rank(6 Flush rank_fullhouse Rank(7 Full House rank_fourofakind Rank(8 Four.
I've tried to expand on the thread of on "Checking for a full house".The betting is typically started when the player to the left of the dealer button posts a small blind, and the next player to the left posts a big blind.This is a huge red flag, and indicates Villain has a very strong hand; Villain 3bets out of position.Hero must add.65 of remaining.95 to match Villains raise, leaving Hero with.30.Hero risks.08 if All-in.Showdown - After the River is dealt and all betting action has taken place, any remaining players Show their cards to see who has the best hand.
I can detect most things except a straightflush.We can have different decks of cards " deck_normal 1 # 52 cards def " Makes a deck of cards @type decktype: type of deck @param decktype: what type of deck is it?The stats I selected above were the ones that best answered those questions.Suits 'cdhs' ranks '23456789tjqka' def make_canonical(hand suit_map None * 4 next_suit 0 for i in range(len(hand suit handi 3 if suit_mapsuit is None: top poker sites eu suit_mapsuit next_suit next_suit 1 handi handi 3 suit_mapsuit return hand def expand_hand(hand, min_card used_map 0 for card in hand: used_map 1 card.Pop(index) def addcard(self, card " Add the card back to the bottom of the deck @type card: card @param card: card you want to add to the deck " rds.Rank_straight what "s, s high" (rank, cards0) elif ( rank HandEvaluator.For this to succeed the getrank function would need to return the exact 5 cards that represent the highest hand.AKs Ace King suited, ATs Ace Ten suited, J8s Jack Eight suited, etc.

Below are screenshots of some of the statistics that I had on this opponent at the time this hand was played.
Rank_fourofakind or rank HandEvaluator.