Qt no such slot qdialog

qt no such slot qdialog

When the widget containing the softkey actions has focus, its softkeys binding of isaac cant get achievements on second save slot should appear in the user interface.
Query specifies which property is queried.
It is best to use QAction or QShortcut to handle shortcuts, since they are easier to use than this low-level function.
Since.1, the contents of parent widgets are also propagated to standard Qt widgets.If supported by the window manager, it will also have a common taskbar entry with its parent.Masked widgets receive mouse events only legion racial bonuses on their visible portions.After this call the widget will be visually behind (and therefore obscured by) any overlapping sibling widgets.The handler is called when the widget's contextMenuPolicy is faultContextMenu.QPalette lette ( self ) letteChange ( self, QPalette ) QWidget rentWidget ( self ) Returns the parent of this widget, or 0 if it does not have any parent widget.If mouse tracking is switched off, mouse move events only occur if a mouse button is pressed while the mouse is being moved.Warning: Qt style sheets are currently not supported for custom QStyle subclasses.
See also mask clearMask windowOpacity and Shaped Clock Example.
WA_OpaquePaintEvent attribute, to make a widget opaque.The file dialog will take ownership of the proxyModel.PutMethodEvent ( self, QInputMethodEvent ) This event handler, for event event, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive Input Method composition events.In that case, the widget will receive a pair of key release and key press event for every repeat.See also isEnabledTo QKeyEvent, QMouseEvent, and changeEvent.This is the case for widgets that are children of widgets that are not visible.QFont nt ( self ) ntChange ( self, QFont ) QFontInfo ntInfo ( self ) Returns the font info for the widget's current font.TivateWindow ( self ) Sets the top-level widget containing this widget to be the active window.In Qt, contextual softkeys are added to a widget by calling addAction and passing a QAction with a softkey role set.

You create user interface components with.