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Portland drinks tons of vodka, literally.
Swimming pools (drank how much is that, really?Samantha Bakall - Interactive map by Mark Friesen.Whiskey's popularity was best poker sites free bonus highest at 11th Avenue Liquor in Southeast Portland, where it comprised one-third of sales.Some like it hot, cordials - more commonly known as liqueurs - are most popular at the Govy General Store in Government Camp, Beaverton Liquor Store in Beaverton Town Square and Molalla Agency Store in Molalla.Brown, bitter and blurred, the second most popular spirit was whiskey, trailing vodka by more than a million liters.(For our purposes, we combined Canadian, Irish, Domestic and "other imported" whiskies together.After much deliberation, we left Scotch as its own category.).
By volume, Stateline Liquor in Jantzen Beach was king, suggesting that Washingtonians might be jumping the Columbia River to stock their liquor cabinets with some of the cheap stuff.
Using records provided by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, we've taken all that data and created a heat map (with blue and red representing the ends of the purchasing popularity spectrum).In our map, we tracked eight different liquor categories - vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, Scotch, rum, brandy and cordials - by store, rank, liters purchased over the year and price per liter.Speaking of expensive liquor, there's a big cognac contingent in Southwest Portland. .Where's the Red Bull?Privacy Cookie Policy, keep on shopping, back to Top.Whiskey was also a top seller at the Hawthorne Liquor Store and Portland Beaumont Liquor Store.(This is an imperfect number.During the fiscal year, residents in the three counties spent 264 million on booze, just about 3 million short of what Multnomah County spent on the Police and Fire bureaus, combined, the same fiscal year.Well, you could fill five Olympic-size swimming hip hop holdem turku pools with that much liquid, with enough leftover to refill after your cannonballs.