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You have to wait for this thing to stop talking before you can finally proceed and if you go into a menu, guess what?Hey guys, does anyone have any source of martial arts moves which I could use as reference for my Game Character that would like to share?Posted by, i'm trying to keep things very simple like in this video: /Q1Q0ywNEzkA, or some points of the "That's What I Like" video for Bruno Mars' song.Please don't self-promote or exchange.Rotom dex is worse than navi.November 8, 2018 21:00 /r/Stunfisk, november 9, 2018 /r/pokemon, stunfisk League, november 9, 2018 21:00 /r/Stunfisk, starter Saturday, november 9, 2018 21:00 /r/wondertrade.Posts must be related and made in good faith.
I'm wondering if you guys have tested it and if you guys are getting similar results, or if I was just extremely lucky.Anything would be helpful, thanks in advance.Why interrupt Kiawe to tell me this?I went through the whole Wela Volcano park and the trial and not once did I get a chance to do the Roto Loto, he just sat there repeating the same useless 'advice' the whole trip.Similar to this video i'm using Adobe Animate but I think I might need another program in order to do this.If anyone knows how I'd really appreciate some help!Tl:DR:Rotom dex is worse than navi.Now I respect Gamefreak for what they were trying.