Skyrim cape slot

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dragon priest cloaks : Unique variants can be looted from the named Priests.
Creation Kit: available on Steam (Menu option View - Tools and then select Creation Kit ) Setting the body slot in the nif file Load the mesh into NifSkope Select the BSDismemberSkinInstance node of one of the NiTriShape nodes of your armour as shown.They are lore-friendly and enchantable, and more are being added with every update.However, if attached, the flowing movements of the cloak would then be lost.A b There are two versions of this effect, allowing it to be applied twice.Clothes (0006C1D9) Sold at the Radiant Raiment.Pleated Shoes (0008698E) 1 25 When viewed in the inventory, these are visually identical to the unique-named pair worn by Ulfric Stormcloak.It can also be found with the spinning wheels in the College and Dragonsreach if you are in a particular rush.A- The esp possibly hasn't been activated.Some clipping is inevitable, as the cloaks can't be made to work flawlessly with every armour/clothing type.The number of uses and charges per use is not fixed at the time of the enchanting.
They'll be named with CloakAshlander1, etc (there should even be a separate cloaksofskyrim tab if you expand the armor list that'll take you straight to them).College Robes (0010D6A5) Emperor's loton voitonjako 2017 Robes (00015516) 1 100 Green Robes (0010CFF0) 1 5 Cannot be obtained in the original version of the game.The linen/burlap cloaks will clip with the feet, as they aren't attached."Give me back my tail!" instructions: You'll need the Creation Kit for a start.Three.esp files are included.Again, this is approximate, as the flooring operations that occur when setting the maximum magnitude introduce important rounding errors later when determining actual net uses.Keep an eye out for the book on your travels.