Skyrim resting bonuses

2.0.0 Complete overhaul; new file system and many changes and additions.2 Added regen for werewolves; arranged archive for easier manual installation.1 Included batch files.0 Initial release.
Exit Skyrim and uninstall the mod.For example, let's assume my healratemult is currently at -44.This mod does not change healrate, staminarate, or magickarate at all.Sleeping fewer hours can give you lesser bonuses though.Using a cheese wheel only consumes a portion.It is not required, but you should check out SkyUI and Kingthings Petrock font.Want more help with Skyrim?Wait up to 10 seconds until you see a message box appear.
Carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals give the body raw energy.If you sleep long enough in any bed, you will receive the "Well Rested" bonus which increases the speed of skill mastery by 10 for the next 8 hours.Stamina, bread, fruit and vegetables give stamina regeneration.New immersive inebriation system.The Lover Stone (incompatible with the resting bonuses below) increases all skills 20 faster meanwhile, which is better if you're looking to simply play through the game naturally or will be levelling two 200 exclusive bonus or three multi-discepline skills at the same time (such as Heavy Armor.