Swtor bonus series levels

Corellia 47-50 Belsavis Bonus 50 Ilum 50 Empire Planet and Bonus Series Order Korriban / Hutta 1-10 Dromund Kaas 10-16 Balmorra 16-20 Balmorra Bonus Series 20-22 Nar Shadda 20-24 Tattooine 24-28 Tattooine Bonus 28-30 Alderaan 28-32 Nar Shadda Bonus Series 31-34 Taris 32-36 Taris Bonus.
Not Optional: a few people ask that this be optional.It might disincline you to complete planets further into the Storyline, but that choice is yours!Now Level Sync is in play you get the XP relevant for the mission.Refresh your quests in town and make sure you have the most updated version of the Nar Shaddaa: Bonus Series quest.But I found battling foes the same level as me quite manageable.Destroy 3 Explosive Chemical Vats and 3 Implantation Tables.Although scaled back in terms of damage (or presumably for defence abilities, the amount of damage you avoid) those core abilities do stay in place.Players Per Planet, that aside, if you put level sync in play with the.So earning credits and gear (for use or resale) will not be as quick.My first character Ive played since the game update.0 rolled out is a Tank so his DPS is pretty bad.
Be sure to do the bonus quest for this quest, kill 15 Prison Riot Personnel.BioWare would probably argue you can farm them, but they wont be easy and will take more time.I have found this difficult rahaa ilman vakuuksia when forced to fight alone.It shows your real level but then if you exceed the planet/missions maximum level, you see a down arrow to say you have been synchoronised with that level.The effect of this is that you earn more XP than you would have pre-level-sync.As a result I took the time to compile this list, figuring if I was having trouble finding it, a good number of other people might be too. .Alderaan Bonus Series 40-44, belsavis 41-44, voss 44-47, voss Bonus Series 1 47-49, voss Bonus Series 2 47-49, voss Bonus Series 3 47-49, hoth Bonus Series 47-49.Swtor Companion Influence How Do I Increase It and Why Should I?What do you think?But as that an attitude of mind and not game mechanics, I dont know if it has worked out in practice.