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The one with girlfriend troubles mentions that instead of following Jeeves' plan, five minutes talk with Magnesia was all he needed.
Both the host and the prospective buyer clearly believe there is nothing exciting about watching complete strangers buying houses and then living in them, and make no effort whatever to appear interested in making a television programme about the process.
As the Good Book Says.Maybe he was designed by Doctor Death?Comical Overreacting : While discussing how to make a Blackadder Goes Forth -style Downer Ending, the duo discover the tea urn is empty and a new one will take five minutes.Executive: Is Simon Schama Jewish?The "Story of the Gays" sketch has several aimed at David Starkey.Pull the Thread : The poisoner's would-be victim can see right through the poisoner's feeble attempts to pull one over on him.One sketch is an inversion of a well-known Fry and Laurie sketch involving a man tormenting another man by showing him holiday photos.
Conspirator 1: She won't.Viewers Are Geniuses : Despite the laugh track, many of the sketches are surprisingly intellectual or reference obscure material - how many comedy shows would get away with making a sketch about Karl Dönitz?Like we care about.Brown Note : "I've got a Red Tuba that makes you shit yourself!" And from the same sketch, the eponymous green clarinet which makes you sing embarrassing truths to the tune of "I Saw Three Ships".Freddie: Have her tits just got bigger?Gareth Edwards, BBC Comedy, 23rd July 2010.Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick : The "Flankel Pat" system for finding lost objects can be used to find books, scissors, keys, and earthquake survivors.Stock Puzzle : Mitchell gives Webb one of these in an episode bonus moment of the Radio series, which becomes a bizarre mashup of a Fox-Chicken-Grain Puzzle, the Monty Hall Problem and Knights and Knaves.One of the actors objects to this, but it turns out that the other actor also ships the two.(Remain indoors) Host : God, imagine The Event happening again.