Travian cropin keidas bonus

travian cropin keidas bonus

24/06/15 (5268) conquered by Flamesaber.
23/06/15 (2738) conquered by looper.24/06/15 (-8325) conquered by Night Fury.29/05/15, village (-100-100) settled.All (2997) Alliance history: GetterMap.1: See GetterMap.1 Other worlds There are players with the same name on other worlds: Show list (100 entries) Villages Site was rendered.41s.25/06/15 (-372) conquered by Pesmerga.29/06/15 (2298) conquered by king111.22/06/15 (-57-32) conquered by bestboy ( BPGreen ).26/06/15 (-84-10) conquered by dila2424.26/06/15 (-764) conquered by BatinCetin.24/06/15 (-22-71) conquered by Badhan.26/06/15 (-86-44) conquered by Luciferka.
Disadvantages, keno tulokset tänään edit, roman villages can be completely stuck in the game when someone regularly raids their village.(Gauls have enormous crannies, Teutons tend to built military force early.).Romans have the best infantry defender Praetorian while his partner Legionnaire also has 35 infantry defense which is quite good for a cavalry defender.29/06/15 (-7932) conquered by okop1001.23/06/15 (4835) conquered by suhidiksy.29/06/15 (79-37) conquered by axen012.26/06/15 (71-35) conquered by Vegas.