Vue slot scope

vue slot scope

Its called a scoped slot because although the template is rendered in the parent component scope, it will have access to certain child component data.
Yeah, OK, but why would I do things like that?They allow you to pass properties from your child components into a scoped slot, and access them from the parent.E, our script tag will look like below at this stage.Text /li /ul But in some parts of our app, we want the individual todo items to render something different than just the todo.namedSlotText: "I'll get rendered inside the *best* slot." /script Then, to use those properties inside a parent components slot content, create a template element tied to the slot.For example, a submit-button component might want the content of the button to be Submit by default, but also allow users to override with Save, Upload, or anything else.To achieve that, we need to allow the parent component that will use our GoogleMapLoader to access this.
Google and p that are set inside the GoogleMapLoader component.Google googleMapApi; itializeMap, methods: initializeMap const mapContainer p new p(mapContainer, pConfig ; So far, so good.That gives us a freedom to fill the template with custom content from the parent component.We must render the factory component and pass the google and map objects so data flows to the right places.Create component that uses our initialiser component, in the template, we render the GoogleMapLoader component and pass props that are required to initialise the map.But we want to use our GoogleMapLoader component only as a loader that prepares what casino game has the highest probability of winning the map, not renders anything.It might be tempting to create a very complex solutions based on the example, but at some point we can get to the situation where this abstraction becomes an independent part of the code living in our codebase.Its called a scoped slot because it will have access to certain child component data even though the template is rendered in the parent component scope.