What matches with first relic slot

The fluffy huggy feel-good inversion of Frenzy, Shell has a bit more use than its bloodthirsty brother, allowing your team to more effectively survive heavy area of effect damage, like Hou Yi's suns or Agni firebombs while they follow you to victory.
The good news is: while it's dangerous to go alone, you can take this guide with you.
Blitz Scroll looks strong as increased attack speed is always useful but the stun immunity nodeposit netent free spins could really help in Insane Dungeons.
Smite, though it's most common on mages or other "high priority" targets that are coming under heavy fire.While not as common as the Big 5, the remaining picks of.This updated Aegis still allows movement, giving you a couple seconds to breathe while you move yourself out of harm's way.However in certain situations the more conditional relics can still shine, and it's important to become familiar with them. .Keep in mind that the speed increase will also apply to nearby friendly gods, making this a great active both for early game plays in and out of dangerous situations, and late game rushes to objectives.While its ability to take Fire Giant or Gold Fury from teams that let their guard down is drastically reduced compared to its glory days, Wrath is still certainly fine at taking early jungle buffs from the enemy. .Shell: Using this relic gives the owner and their allies 45 physical and magical protections for 5 seconds.
One of the new offerings of the relic system, Sunder is a bit odd all around - there's a wind up before it actually fires, and the shot grand mondial casino seriös itself is pretty easily blocked or avoided due to how thin.The flip side of the coin is that over the course of a game everyone has about 1800 more gold to work with.Purification's CC immunity also allows you to evade some gods' ultimates almost entirely (looking at you, Ares and Fenrir making this one of the more powerful effects in the game - and thanks to the new relic system, it's free!Smite play before the new season, Curse is powerful both proactively and reactively.No, you can't, compare it to colored sockets of old.

Axe of Strife looks good for damage dealers, it will probably go on Vlad, Santa, TG etc.
It's still fantastic when you absolutely must get to a high priority target or really want a gap closer (Tyr.
The window to exploit the now much squishier target is fairly open at 4 seconds, making this a fine choice for assassins who want some extra hurt behind their hits.