Wow use trinket slot macro

ATL Edit Queue mode).
Is there a macro I can use for this instead of binding it to a mouse key in vuhdo?
SwitchMode: /script currentRes GetCurrentResolution if (currentRes 3) then SetScreenResolution(15 SetCVar gxWindow 0 SetMultisampleFormat(16 else SetCVar gxWindow 1 SetScreenResolution(3 SetMultisampleFormat(1 end; Replace the "15" in SetScreenResolution with your selected high-res index, the "16" in SetMultisampleFormat with your selected colour depth/anti-aliasing, and the "3" in Set/GetScreenResolution with.Pre-Patch.0 /target Player Name /script UseContainerItem /script TargetLastEnemy Use: Really nice macro for duels or 1v1 pvp.Repeated calls to the macro will step through all nearby friends needing heals until it targets you.You need to click the trinket to activate.disable: if checked, does not select this entry while swapping.Armor Types: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate, upgrades: Argent Dawn Mantles, Zul'Gurub Enchants, Inscriptions, Gems Chest (aka Body) Edit Chest items category Equipment names: robes, vest, tunic, armor, wraps, harness, hauberk, jerkin, chain, breastplate, blouse, chestpiece Armor Types: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate Upgrades: Enchantments, Armor Kits.Go to Macros Go to Interface Customization).It will also re-target your original target.You have to alter the spell name according to the spell you want to cast and change i6 by the number of ranks you currently have for that spell; note that it should all be on one line: /script Pre"Power Word: Fortitude(Rank " Sp1,2,14,26,38,50.(UnitName target or "NO target Use the "Set" macro when you have your main assist player selected and want to switch your assist macro to use that player.Shift-clicking on the bandage (or other item in inventory) while editing your macro will insert its name into your macro.
Clicking the script while holding the Alt key down will begin the timer veikkaus markkinointibudjetti and state.
/atl delset set name - delete queue set.
HighRes: /z SetFarclip(777) /z SetWorldDetail(2) /z SetBaseMip(1) MediumRes: /z SetFarclip(477) /z SetWorldDetail(1) /z SetBaseMip(1) LowRes: /z SetFarclip(177) /z SetWorldDetail(0) /z SetBaseMip(0) Full-screen to windowed mode Edit I found this handy for working on macros/scripts while having reference material next to me (ie these web pages.As usual, it needs to be one (really long) line - be careful entering it, as it's exactly 255 characters long.script PetPassiveMode /cast Scatter Shot /script PetDefensiveMode Summary of Commands Edit /script PetAggressiveMode /script PetDefensiveMode /script PetPassiveMode /script PetFollow /script PetAttack /script PetStopAttack and /script CastPetAction(X nettikasino alle 10 euron depo with X being a number on the pet's action bar (1, 2,.) Local Server time Edit /script hour.This macro has made by ATL.This will bring you to page 1 if you are on page 2, and to page 2 if you are 1.If you click the script while holding down the Alt key, you will receive a message stating the MT/MA has been set: "MT Set: Bob".Some of the best raid consumables best suited for macros are: (casters) (agility) (strength to use these potions in macros is pretty simple: /use Potion of the Jade Serpent /cast Another Spell, conclusion, for optimum dps, you cant be fiddling with lots of clicking and.key bindings (todo: key bind to trinket 0/1.) trinket management, and auto switch manage several trinket's cooldown, and swap them automatically.Change the 16 or 17 to do it for a secondary weapon.Trinket will be used if your target is friendly.

Not sure the AttackTarget is safe.
Rember to put it in one line.
Requires knowledge of buff names and spell numbers (see Find Buff Name and Search For Spell Number).